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'Your True Indian Ethnic Guide’

It’s common to get confused while shopping or selecting an outfit for yourself, What to choose, What not to choose, What to wear & What not to. Especially, when it comes to Indian Ethnic, you find variety of outfits, colors, styles and designs to select from. You are unable to pick attire as there is a lot to choose from for any special occasion or a party. If you pick anything then there might be a dilemma like how to wear it or what is there to make a best pair with.

Are you looking for a friend to help you in getting dressed for a special occasion?
Panache India is delighted to celebrate you with the style suggestion caption where you can ask all your queries related to ethnic fashion and styling.

We will be happy to answer all your Indian ethnic queries. Our experienced fashion designers will suggest you like a best friend to get a celebrating look enhancing your look and style statement. They understand your need in their mind and create innovative custom design just for you. They educate you about fabrics, works, designs, colors, different styles and all else you need in a professional way so that you can easily understand and choose what exactly you need and what style is meant for you. They create the design of your dreams specially customized for you.

Fill the form below and we will celebrate you with the fashion secrets and trendy tips to get a 'Cynosure Look' showing off your vogue. You can also send email on

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A fashion magazine Celebrating You with the latest trends and styles in ethnic fashion, traditions, bollywood, beauty secrets and a lot more.

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