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Why Custom ?
Our made-to-fit option allows you to choose the best customization of the outfit according to your measurements. This helps you to buy an outfit that gives you perfect fitting and make you feel the elegance. A well fit attire is one you always keep looking for. By just following the instruction video you can easily submit you measurements and get a well fit attire for yourself. We are more than happy to meet your needs.

You just need to go through an online measurement procedure and taking few minutes and you will be celebrated with a well fit dress of your dreams. A custom made attire not just give you the charming look but also a comfort along with the satisfaction. You don’t even need to visit any tailor for your measurement as you can do it at home also with the help of a friend or family member.

We through our custom made option feel delighted to celebrate you with perfect looks full of vogue, so that you can reveal your true self outside.
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How It Works
This is Fast and Convenient

You have to just measure yourself following the instructions given in our measurement video. This will take a few minutes and you will be celebrated with a perfectly fit outfit of within 21 days on your doorsteps.

Grab a measuring tape and any friend or family member for little help.

Submit all the records of measurement process following instruction given in the video.

Save your measurements.

Then our designers will work on the measurements submitted by you to create a best fit attire specially for you. The measurements submitted by you is used by our designers to create a visual frame of your body and they create a perfect attire using their professional experiences.

Our Vision
The core vision of Panache India is to spread Indian culture worldwide with Indian traditional clothes and values creating exceptional customer experience delivering outstanding quality products and exceptional services to our customers across the globe. We are on our way to enrich and delight this world with Royal Indian Ethnic clothing and its bequest to our customers and celebrating them with real feel of elegance with our products. Enhancing the vogue of individuals and celebrations in their life we are on the path of rebuilding the Indian ethnic heritage and lifestyle.

Being zealous and committed to our ideals we uphold our founder’s dedication and are spreading the real authentic Indian ethnic fashion across the borders fueling the elegance of everyone everywhere. Brand is confident to evolve and grow due to the strength of our relationships with our customers and our versatility and dedication.
Celebrating You !
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